Branding Design

branding designEvery brand or company needs ‘branding,’ a marketing strategy that almost always never fails. Branding goes beyond having a great logo. So in case your brand or company needs design services, our creative team at HatchMark Studio is more than happy to help. We are a graphic design firm that provides a variety of branding solutions and visual design services, such as the branding design service.

Why Choose Us

1. We create traditional yet timeless designs.

It doesn’t mean that we are boring or old-school. We at HatchMark go for classic trends such as traditional fonts and colors with lasting charm such as primary and neutral colors.

2. We fit the branding to the company.

There are some graphic design firms that just can’t match the branding with what the company really is. HatchMark Solutions makes sure that your design best represents the identity of your company.

3. We work on various platforms.

We ensure that your brand or company gets a majority appeal that’s evident enough to not get ‘missing’ no matter what platform was used.

4. We believe that less is more.

This applies to color and font choice, as well as to the number of lines for branding. Some of the biggest and most popular brands actually use minimal and easy to remember branding.

5. We recognize the beauty of using ‘white space’.

White space is the open area in printing that allows the branding to breathe. A blob of dark colors can be very unattractive and makes your branding hard to make out from afar.

6. We consider the brand or company owner’s own preferences.

Of course, if it is your brand or company, you will want to have some of “yourself” in there. HatchMark Studio gives importance to your personal desires, such as your preferred shade or font. Adding a little bit of your individuality into your branding is always a great idea.

7. We keep in mind that your branding should be worthy to be kept for life.

Choosing a name for a starting brand can be challenging, what more thinking about branding. Although branding design can be a frustrating task, this can also be very exciting. We at HatchMark Studio are up for some excitement and challenge. We go for the branding that’s easy to say and recall.

When thinking about branding, it is best to hire a reliable graphic design team to help you out. If you want to learn more about our services, be sure to visit us at