Creative Ideas for a Baby Shower Party

Baby showers are a rare opportunity to have a party that is both fun and exciting, as well as family friendly!

It is a great chance for family and friends of all ages to get together and send some loving vibes to the newest member of the gang.

With such a diverse group people, it is important to come up with some creative games and activities to keep the party going with everyone engaged and entertained. Here are some fun ideas to light up your best baby shower:

The B-word game: Baby, baby, baby… it’s natural this is all the guests will be talking about it, right? That is what makes this classical game so much fun! Give a baby-themed pin to every guest once they arrive at the party (it can be a diaper, a pacifier, or even a plain one if you want to keep it low budget). Explain to guests that “baby” is a forbidden word, and must not be spoken through the rest of the party. If you catch someone saying it, you can steal his or her pin. By the end of the party, whoever has more pins will win a gift.

Guess the Baby: This game can be very touching, not to mention super cute, and will definitely bring the family together! Gather pictures of friends and family members when they were young (preferably babies) and show the pictures in a slideshow (if no TV or projector is available, you can use the printed versions and pass them around at the party). Guests are supposed to guess who that child is. Seeing the resemblance of family members will bring a nostalgic and heartwarming feeling to the party!

The Diaper Olympics: This game is not only fun but also useful, as the soon-to-be parents will be practicing a very needed skill. You will need a pack of diapers and a couple of dolls for this game. Divide the guests into teams and give each team member a diaper. Each member is supposed to put on new diapers on the doll, after “cleaning up” the diaper left by the last member of their team. The team who finishes all the diapers first wins.

Guess the size of the belly: For this game you will need a ball of yarn and scissors. The guest is supposed to guess the measurement of the Baby Mama’s waistline. Each guess will cut the string on a length that they think equals the mother’s belly size. Whoever comes closest, wins the prize!

DIY Diaper: Divide the guests into groups (it can be as low as two and as many as 10 depending on the number of guests). Give each group a roll of toilet paper, and tell them to improvise a diaper. A member of the group will serve as the model, and any items found in the party can be used when engineering the diaper. The most creative diaper wins, and the laughs are guaranteed all throughout the game.

Baby Raffle: Don’t let yourself fool by the name of the game – no one will be winning a baby, but you could win a good sum of cash! This game starts at the party but only ends when the baby is born. Everyone in the party makes a guess for the weight and the height of the baby at the time of birth, and donates an amount of money together with their bet. When the baby is born, whoever gets it right, gets the cash!