Selecting the Best Awesome Backpacks


The way you dress and accessorize speaks volumes about who you are. Yes, even accessories like watches, cell phones, and backpacks give people an insight into your personality. That being said a backpack, especially for students, is nothing less than a style statement. If you really want to look cool then you should get best awesome backpacks. If you want to know more about why you should be paying attention to the backpack you select then continue reading this article.


The first thing that you need to do when you are in search of the best awesome backpacks is to decide on the style. For instance, you can do this by creating a check list. Some of the questions that you need to include are as follows: the color, the material, the size, and brand. In this way, you will be able to narrow down your search from hundreds of available choices to ones that you want to see. Even then you will have a lot of options to choose from. And feel free to look at similar items as you might stumble upon something that you might really like. At the same time, your search will help you find backpacks that suit your taste.


Another important that you must look at the backpacks utility. This is because some best awesome backpacks are specially for laptops. These backpacks are well insulated so that the laptop doesn't get damaged. However, the same can't be said about other backpacks that are intended for regular use. For instance, if you plan on carrying a lot of books in your backpack then you need to consider getting one with broad straps. This will help distribute the weight on the shoulders and won't cause unnecessary strain to the back. On the other hand, you can get trendy backpacks that you can use to carry essentials when you go out.


Now that the two most important aspects have been covered here are some really neat backpacks that are available.

1.   Classic Canvas Rucksack Backpack

This is a unisex backpack, which is universally accepted. It looks good, easy to maintain, and doesn't burn a deep hole in your pocket. However, the best part about this backpack is that it is versatile.


–    It can be used on camping trips, trekking, school, or just about anywhere.

–    There are a lot of pockets where you can put your stuff.


–    Over time, it will be susceptible to wear and tear.

2.    Longchamp Backpack — Le-Pilage

This backpack is quite popular among girls as it is chic. The classic black and brown combination never goes out of style and is a must-have.


–    It is comfortable as well as good to look at.


–    The straps are too narrow.

–    It can't hold too much weight.

3.    Mi-Pac Perforated Backpack

If you want to have an uber cool persona then this is the backpack for you. This is a unisex backpack that everyone is talking about.


–    It is available in different colors.


–    The backpack has a distinct aroma, which some customers don't like.

4.    Kimichi Blue Lace & Jersey Backpack

This backpack is a class apart. Most girls love it as it the blue, white, and brown color combination is excellent. If that is not all, the lace trimmings add charm to this backpack.


-It looks really chic.


–    The staps are not very broad.

5.    Hex Stinson Echo Backpack

Out of all the backpacks discussed, this one looks rather simple yet eye catching. It is attractive and the horizontal stripes add a whole new dimension to it. The bag is lined with faux fur that can house either a 13 or 15 inch laptop.


–    It is simple yet chic to look at.


–    It does not have a lot of space inside.

Looking at these five backpacks makes one thing clear: there are several options to choose from. Another aspect that you need to keep in mind is to look up reviews on each product. Look at different websites and if you can visit a store as well to get the best price. This way, if you can decide whether you want to buy the product or not. Now, you should be all set to go and find a backpack that will suit your unique style. Happy backpack shopping!