The Best Mattress Brands of 2016 to look out for when choosing a mattress.

Good sleep is a key element for living a healthy life. However not many people are willing to invest in a good mattress because of the frustration that goes into picking a mattress to suit their needs. It becomes even harder with the influx of best mattress brands out their without clear information why they are considered the best. Unique changes have been made to the type of materials and methods used to make modern day mattresses.

Types of Mattresses

When choosing a new mattress, it can be overwhelming due to the wide variety of types of mattresses and best mattress brands to choose from. Within these variety, there exist the best mattress brands based on the different type pf mattresses. These range from:

1.   Memory Foam Mattresses.

This is a favorite among people. Memory foam mattresses contain variations due to the type of foam used in making the mattresses (these range from plant based foam and traditional foam to gel infused foam and so forth), the foam amount and foam density. Pricing on foam mattresses is influenced by the density of the material used.


-Softens as one lies on it whilst molding to one's shape.

-The latex foam is claimed to hypoallergenic

-Springs back to its original shape-ideal for people with back or joint pains


– Traps heat

– Some mattress varieties of this type take some effort to change position.

Currently, the top best mattress brands in the memory foam category include:

-Amerisleep Liberty Mattress.(Best Mattress brands of all)

-Loom & Leaf by Saatva.

-The Bear Mattress.

-Lull Mattress.

2.   Innerspring Mattresses.

These are basically of the traditional type of best mattress brands, that consist of steel coils in their configurations. They vary from those containing special layers of cushioning, infused gel and pillow-top layer.


– Least inexpensive and most widely sold type of mattress

– Relatively easy shifting in positions.


– Offer limited support.

– Inferior durability.

– Have a noisy bounce.

With all this, new market players may be changing the game in favor of this type of best mattress brands. Top rated best mattress brands range from:

– Saatva Mattress.(Best mattress brands of all)

– Aviya Mattress

– Helix Mattress

– Sealy Posturepedic Firm Line.

3.   Natural Latex Mattresses.

Though not so popular, these mattress type are highly rated among their users. Quite few best mattress brands produce this particular type of mattress.


– Have higher advantage than synthetic latex mattresses.


– Not very popular.

Nonetheless, those interested in Natural Latex Mattresses should know which are the best mattress brands that they should consider when purchasing their mattress, which include:

-Astrabeds SerenityBed courtesy of Amerisleep(best mattress brands of all).

– Zenhaven by Saatva which has already conquered the mattress family.

– Plushbeds.

– Ultimate Dreams.

4.    Airbeds.

These types of mattresses utilize air that is pumped into an air chamber in the mattress thus directly influencing client satisfaction and comfort. The toppers range from latex tops and firm quilted tops to memory foam.


– Easy to adjust the air pressure for individualized comfort.

– Ideal for those wit back pains.

– Full sized mattresses have separate inner chambers hence can be adjusted to have separate firmness ideal when sharing a bed.

– Odor free

 – Increased durability.


– Replacing pumps can be tedious.

– Pumps can be noisy.

The best mattress brands dealing with this type of mattress include:

– Sleep Number i8 Bed

– Personal Comfort A8 13 Inch.

– Innomax Medallion.

5.    Waterbeds and Gel-Based Mattresses.

These are mattresses filled with water mostly intended for medical therapies. They have continued to become popular due to flexibility surrounding them. Water contained in the mattress can be heated or cooled to suit one's comfort.


– Can be adjusted to provide either softer or firmer surfaces.

– Can provide either full wave or no wave action.

– Provide adequate support.

Cons Can be punctured.

– Difficult to move

– Can be power consuming

The best mattress brands in this category include:

– Strobel Organic Complete Softside Waterbed Futura.

– American National

Sorrento Water Mattress Set.